Mengxia Zhang

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Curriculum Vita

Mengxia Zhang is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at the Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada. Mengxia's research focuses on artificial intelligence and new media. In her job market paper, she uses machine learning methods to investigate whether consumer-posted photos can serve as a leading indicator of restaurant survival above and beyond reviews and other known factors. This paper received a minor revision at Management Science, and it won the 2018 ISMS Doctoral Proposal Competition Award and the 2018 Shankar-Spiegel Award Runner-up. In her other papers, she has studied the topics of consumer-AI co-creation and knowledge sharing.

Prior to joining Ivey, Mengxia completed her Ph.D. at the University of Southern California (USC). At USC Marshall, she has been granted a Ph.D. Student Outstanding Researcher Award for her research excellence and was nominated for the Ph.D. Student Teaching Award for her teaching excellence. In her spare time, Mengxia enjoys photography.

  • Research Interests: marketing analytics, unstructured data, AI-human relationship, digital marketing

  • Methodologies: quantitative modeling, machine learning, deep learning, field experiment

Office: HOH 105
USC Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles,  CA 90089